General Information

Rules & Regulations

After the admission of students at College they are strictly bound to follow the rules and regulations of the College. The College will give top priority to the disciplinary matter as College has no system of corporal punishment .A bond paper stating all rules and regulations has to be duly signed and affirmed both by the student and the parent/guardian. If students are found in breaching the College rules and regulations they are automatically subjected to the expulsion.

Dress Code & Attire

It is clear that a uniform is prescribed by the College to maintain uniformity and consistency , therefore all students should wear College uniform and should adhere to the dress code decided by the College. There will be a day to day monitoring of the dress of the students, hairstyle, laces of shoes, belt, bags and general appearance. Violating the College dress code and improper general appearance will lead to the suspension of the students from the College.


Regularity and punctuality play very important role in students life. If students miss one day they will miss the important lecture and ultimately it will hamper one’s natural flow of studies. Causal absence from attending class is strictly discouraged and there will be a close supervision against such activities from the concerned authorities .Respective parents and guardians will be informed then and there about the absenteeism of their wards.

Hostel Facilities & Cafeteria

Separate boys and girls hostel facilities are available at Arniko International College/ SS for those who are out of the valley. The hostel will include the minimum facilities to be fulfilled by the College management. It will be under the supervision of faculty members, hostel warden, security guard and College management.

Arniko cafeteria will be spacious and can serve at least 200 students at a time with healthy and hygienic food items without any burden. We have given top priority to the health and hygiene our students.


There is a shuttle service of Arniko to bring the students of every nook and corner of Kathmandu valley at the College. Separate forms to be filled up by the students to have this facility at the time of admission. Students are strictly informed to discourage the use of two wheelers to come to College on their own.